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Hi, I'm Savanna

My name is Savanna, Im 26 & I was born and raised in Huntsville, AL but my home is in New Market. I recently  moved here to Florence due to the loss of my grandmother, whom was my best friend and my strongest support. She inspired me at the age of 14, to go after my passion of photography.


I was no ordinary picture taker, I wanted to snap every single detail of life. I wanted to capture from head to toe, left and right, I did not want to miss any opportunity to snap a photo. 


My main focus became Family Photography, I am big on Family. I was given my first DSLR camera at the age of 16. I started to take pictures for people in my community and from there it went from a hobby to a job, after school and on the weekends.


I really enjoy photographing couples and babies. Getting to see all kinds of different personalities really interests me. I  loved hearing other peoples ideas of photography when it comes time for there photo shoot. 


Anyhow, I have been periodically taking photos since I was 15.  Being away from the camera for quite some time, I am ready to get back at it.


I believe a true photographer never loses touch of the beauty behind the lens.  

              " A Photograph is the pause button of Life" 

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